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Art Café’s are vibrant satellite Creation hubs linked to The Daimler Powerhouse and based in local neighbourhood areas, Willenhall (The Hagard) and Woodend (Moathouse Community Centre).  Artists and local residents co- create events, performances develop projects together with and for the communities they live in to enjoy.

Art Café’s are being developed and led by Beth Allum Imagineer’s new Creative Producer who is a Willenhall resident.

Art Café’s will ultimately be run by Management groups called Supper Clubs. Here residents will meet together, share a meal and discuss the kinds of projects they would like to see happen being the overall organisers. The Art Cafe’s are the weekly sessions where artists and residents work together to make the ideas/projects happen .

The current Art Café’s project is Processions (April – June 2018) led by Artichoke (London) celebrating 100 years of women’s independence. Local textile artists Julia Negus and Julie Joannides are working with women in both Art Café sessions to create a commemorative banner which will be part of a national procession of banners in London on 10th June 2018.

Local residents have said ‘Every stitch is valuable and the people that stitch them are valuable’ ;  ‘ I enjoy this because I know there is going to be an end product’  


Funding partners include Artichoke and The Heart of England Foundation.


For further current information about the Art Café’s programme, please click on news


Contact: Beth Allum

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