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Imagineer are in the process of fundraising with a £2,000,000 target, to redevelop the Daimler Building as a creation Centre for Coventry. The building will provide much needed dedicated space for artists to create mainly outdoor and site -specific work and for resident creative companies to deliver innovative programmes of education and training for children and young people. It will be a place where artists, engineers, architects and other creative industries can collaborate to make new work and where new and emerging practitioners can find professional support.

The Daimler Powerhouse is part of the first car factory in Britain and whilst not listed, is an important part of the history and heritage of Coventry. The Daimler site was destroyed during the Blitz and the powerhouse is all that remains.

Local historian David Fry says: ‘To industrialists, The Daimler Building is as important as Coventry Cathedral’. It is a stopping point for a newly proposed Canal Corridor which links the building to the City Centre, opening up the canal walkway.

The DAIMLER POWERHOUSE proposed Redevelopment – Designs by Nicol Thomas


For current information in relation to the redevelopment project, please click on news.


Contact: Jane Hytch CEO Imagineer

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