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Imagine Bridge…

A new outdoor experience, created by Imagineer Productions.

A bridge appears in the centre of town. For three days, it is host to pop-up events and happenings until it becomes the setting for an extraordinary open air performance.

Gravity-defying circus acrobatics, dance, comedy, theatre and live music, inspired by local people’s stories, create a thrilling and moving montage of the courage, compassion and humour needed to bridge a divide.

Meanwhile, people in each host town and beyond come together to create their own real or imagined bridges, celebrating stories of bridge-building, bridge-burning and making a difference.

Imagined by artists, made by designers and engineers, inspired by you – Bridge is a project for our time that brings people together in unexpected and joyful ways.


Find out more about the creation of  Bridge and the 2019 debut performances in Grantham and Coventry at