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Imagineer is proud of its strong relationships with business. We work with our professional partners to develop new creative ideas, helping to shape the future work and aspirations of the company. Collaboration is a key part of the Imagineer’s work, giving us access to some of the best technical and digital engineers and architects in the world. Here we list a few case-studies of how we work with business to develop new creative projects:

Key business partner: Arup 

Imagineer is working closely with engineering giant Arup on the Bridge project. The collaboration with the creation of a 15 metre paper bridge sited in Coventry Cathedral during The Festival of Imagineers 2016. The bridge was designed by Arup and created by 1,000 children to signal the beginning of a new collaboration and project for the Cathedral 100 Celebrations in 2018. The project will culminate in the design and construction of an awe-inspiring sculptural bridge that will be situated in the ruins of the old cathedral as a potent symbol of the Cathedral’s relationships with many countries and communities across the world.

Paper Bridge created with Arup for Festival of Imagineers 2016 with 1,000 Coventry children

The Imagineerium Initiative
Business partners: Medwell Hyde, Network Rail, Warwick University including support from Jaguar, MTC, Advanced Propulsion Centre, The Imagineering Foundation, Samphire STEM and Coventry University.

The Imagineerium Initiative links primary schools with professionals in the arts and sciences. Pupils take on authentic commissions for develop their skills and learning in STEAM subjects. 

Imagineerium Initiative
Imagineerium Initiative

Failed Spaces Project
Key business partner: IDP Architects

There are spaces in Coventry that would benefit from serious creative thought. During The Festival of Imagineers 2017 a group of interested people – business representatives, historians, architecture students and artists  – began to work together to identify spaces and find alternative creative solutions. It is our ambition to realise some of the developing ideas in future festivals, working in partnership with architects from IDP.

Design and problem solving Failed Spaces
Design and problem solving in Failed Spaces


Impression Technologies (ITL)

Key business partner: Impression Technologies (ITL) is leading path towards lightweighting solutions in automotive, aerospace and consumer product sectors.

We are pleased to be a sponsor of Imagineer Productions as we feel passionate about encouraging the future of engineering in Coventry. Through the Imagineerium Initiative, we hope to improve learning in Design and Technology.

We offer a fully tailored service according to your engineering needs from concept to production. ITL provide the knowledge and expertise to support HFQ® technology, empowering you to transform your project. Our facility, located in Coventry, UK, is fully equipped to carry out in-house prototyping and production runs to support our HFQ customers and partners. ITL was formed in January 2013 to act as a portal between Imperial College London’s Engineering Faculty and automotive and transport manufacturers. We are the proud operators of the world’s first HFQ production line and is a founder member of the HFQ Partner Network.


To discuss how your business could work with Imagineer, contact Jane Hytch