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It was so heartening to see people flock to Millenium Place and The Coventry Transport Museum for Robot Day. Great to see Godiva out again and seeing how people interact with her. I still hanker to build her a permanent home in the City and to credit all the companies and individuals who helped to make her happen for 2012. Maybe we can achieve this alongside the development of our new base at The Daimler Powerhouse which will reopen in May 2020 after a 12- month closure for capital redevelopment. The amazing thing was to witness the diverse audience who came to the event – truly a representation of the many cultures making the city the exciting place it is.

In one way the meeting with Urban Astronaut (Highly Sprung) was unusual but in another, it felt absolutely right – the moment they touched hands powerful – bridges being built by human endeavour – people reaching out to one another, crossing barriers and divides.

One day Godiva might lead a new reimagined Coventry Carnival which is why Imagineer and the City Council created her, and perhaps this carnival maybe a carnival celebrating the many different cultures in Coventry. There are no language barriers, carnival arts are part of most cultures in some form.

Until then she is a ‘Lady in waiting’ !

Godiva venturing out again on 24th March for The Coventry Half Marathon.

Jane Hytch