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Imagine a ten metre high Lady Godiva, awakening from her sleeping chamber for the first time.

She stands in the centre of England between the White Horse in Kent and the Angel of the North, a potent symbol of justice across the world, reborn for the 21st century, embodying the values of fair play, friendship, respect and courage that are at the heart of the Olympic movement.

Clothed in a cloak crafted by artists and communities from across the region, chronicling the West Midland’s unique industrial and engineering heritage she is a moving, breathing monument, reflecting the excellence of past engineering glories and ‘imagineering’ the engineering future for all our young people in the West Midlands.

Imagine the moment when Godiva Awakes ….

A spectacular performance developed over three years where Godiva, powered by 50 cyclists, joins 2000 dancers, actors, aerialists, musicians, pyrotechnicians and carnivalists in a processional performance with young performers at its heart, marking the unveiling of the new Lady Godiva.

She walks to London to play a part in the London 2012 Celebrations in Victoria Park, her journey to the Olympics resonating with spectators across the world.

A moving piece of public art the like of which has never been seen, running on cycle power/sustainable energy


A world class piece of public art, made by mechanics, artists, theatre makers, puppeteers and engineers from Coventry, the region, nationally and internationally to the highest standards of contemporary craftsmanship, playing a significant role in the urban regeneration, development of tourism and regional pride for the West Midlands.

A beautiful cloak for Godiva, which tells the story of the things people have made and the people who made them, in the West Midlands

A pool of new creative talent – a once in a lifetime opportunity for young people of all backgrounds to engage on an ambitious, excellent project, gaining accredited training in the process


A new generation of makers, performers and event producers who will create the unique events of the future

Establish a new tradition as Godiva awakes each year heralding the start of the Godiva Procession

Capture the imagination of the country and the world for the skill and ingenuity of the region as she walks to London

Coventry’s neighbouring towns and cities in the West Midlands and beyond invite Godiva to join their landmark events and celebrations