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Movers and Makers is a Coventry based programme to support teachers in adapting and using practices common to the arts.


The vision

Movers and Makers has grown out of the experience of three organisations: Imagineer, Highly Sprung Performance Company and Open Theatre. They each have track records of supporting learning in schools, primarily through arts, engineering and science education. These organisations are committed to more active, participatory and embodied educational experiences, which have been shown to effectively support pupils’ learning.  The aim of Movers and Makers is to enable teachers to enhance pupil learning through successfully embedding these approaches in their practice.

It begins with teachers experiencing the kinds of activities these organisations utilise with pupils. They will use these experiences to shape how key school priorities might be addressed through more active and embodied forms of education. Working collaboratively through an adapted form of lesson study, teachers and movers and makers will test out possible practical ways of addressing the identified priorities, and evaluate the impact on pupils’ learning. The role of the ‘Mover and Maker’ is as guide, mentor, coach, and occasionally exemplar. They are there to support and facilitate the teacher’s professional development.

The first cohort of six schools will begin working with movers and makers in September 2019. Cohort 2 of a further 10 schools (may be more if funding is available) will begin in September 2020.

Schools, movers and makers and educationalists will be presenting their experiences and the early evaluation data as part of  the ‘City of Culture 2021’ celebrations.

We are hoping that further cohorts of schools will begin ‘moving and making’ in September 2021 and 2022.

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