My time at Burning Man 2018

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Driving to Nevada we travelled through San Francisco to Reno and then to Nevada, passing through a beautiful undulating City framed by the famous Golden Gate Bridge with Alcatraz in the distance, to the deep green forests and mountains and then to the wild expanse of the Nevada desert. This is an unforgiving, formidable place surrounded by mountains with sand storms, sand tornados and geysers. Everything is white – dust covered, hot during the day and cold during the night.

Black Rock is a temporary City and home to 70,000 people over 10 days each year. It is extraordinary. Built in two months and then dismantled leaving no trace – it has its own airport, state of the art hospital, jail, sheriffs and hundreds of camps – each with their own identity.

People travel in this vast space on personalised bicycles. The city map is based on the clock. We were in First Camp at 6 O’ Clock and on our time line, The Burning Man and behind it The Temple and The Playa – the place where impossible and absurd often, works of art rise out of the desert. It is a surreal space reminding me of the landscapes of Salvador Dali. Dust fills the area now and again, so you cannot even see your own hand, then clears to reveal yet another strange and beautiful art work : a stack of cars with a caravan on the top complete with crows nest, people climbing to the top, balancing in the most precarious way; a polar bear standing helpless and in the wrong environment – a warning of the future; old, thin wrinkled people emerging out of a black chrysalis; a wooden house raised up standing on chicken feet.

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