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FLOW – Future Life of our Ocean’s Wealth

Photograph by Matt Hardy
Photograph by Matt Hardy

“The sea, the great unifier, is man’s only hope. Now, as never before, the old phrase has a literal meaning: we are all in the same boat”. Jacques Yves Cousteau

The sea is the great connector. It is important to the social, economic and cultural progress of humanity – from the ancient spread of human groups to the modern maritime commerce. Without it we cannot survive. Every 10 breaths you take, 7 come from the sea. Producing over half of the world’s oxygen, regulating our climate and weather patterns, providing an important food source and employing millions of people our oceans are essential to life on Earth. 

We all have a connection to the Oceans whether we live in a land locked city or a coastal community and it is in our interest now more than ever to take collective responsibility to protect its’ wealth. Our choices today will determine tomorrow.


Currently in development, FLOW is an event with three elements that will take place at festivals in Ireland, Spain and the UK. Flow explores our Ocean’s Wealth and Our Ocean’s Protection.

A Pop- Up Immersive Art Installation aimed at engaging communities through creating awareness and understanding of the key issues and provoking debate and conversation. The installation will tour to different communities in the build-up to the Creative Youth Summit.

Creative Youth Summit – imagined and produced by young activists from Coventry, Ireland and Spain, this will be both an online and real time summit connecting young people from their communities with young people across the globe, particularly from small island nations. The young people will collaborate to interrogate the following statement:

‘How we can use technologies and social activism to create more sustainable oceans overcoming social, economic and environmental vulnerabilities?”

The Summit will platform both the challenges faced and the inspiring examples of action and change already taking place. Workshops, activities, discussions and action groups will running for the entire week of the event.

Milesians – An outdoor arts spectacle. Combining art and engineering, live music, aerial and theatre performance and projection, this event will interpret an ancient origin myth shared by Ireland and Spain about the Milesians. Believed to be the ancestors of the Celts, the Milesians set sail from Galicia and become the final race to settle in Ireland having travelled the Earth for hundreds of years. An ancient tale with themes that resonate today about migration, interdependency and the sea as a great connector. Performances will run for the week of the summit in each location.

The event will involve immerse experiences, thought-provoking installations and possibilities to connect with communities from small island nations to hear their thoughts, their needs, their challenges and their solutions – to exchange ideas and to collaborate.

The event will use a creative arts framework to engage communities, policy makers, business and education sectors. It will be curated by young activists (seeing young people as leaders now – not as future leaders) drawn from Ireland, UK and Galicia. We will invite young people who are already showing leadership in this field, who are passionate about the sustainability of the oceans, and whose work demonstrates a social conscience. The young people will be drawn from both science and arts backgrounds with the aim of bring divergent thinkers together to imagine, make and inspire FLOW.

Producer Kathi Leahy

Contact: kathi@imagineerproductions.co.uk


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