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Godiva Awakes: Legacy  

For the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, Imagineer created a 10-metre high puppet of Lady Godiva who travelled from Coventry to London powered by 50 cyclists.

The Godiva Awakes project has left a powerful legacy of collaboration in the city. Imagineer worked with 17 local and regional engineering companies to make Godiva a reality. These wonderful collaborations have led to a series of developing projects that explore work at the intersection of engineering and art – these form the basis of Imagineer’s work up to 2021.

Godiva continues to tour and to witness events in and around Coventry, and played a valuable role in the lead up to City of Culture 2021. We are hoping that with a new redeveloped Daimler Building, Godiva will take up residence in her own house, becoming a visitor attraction for the City, and that the story of her creation and her extraordinary journey to London, takes its place in the heart of Coventry as part of our rich cultural heritage. We expect Godiva to reappear in the city as part of the Coventry Half Marathon 2020.

Godiva continues to venture out! Godiva with Urban Astronaut at Robot Day, Coventry March 2019 – photo credit Imagineer and Highly Sprung.


Principle Funding Partners: Arts Council England – Artist Taking The Lead Award, Coventry City Council, Medwell Hyde, Coventry Building Society, The Garfield Weston Foundation, The May 29th Charity, Jaguar Land Rover, MIRA, Composite Creations, The Premier Group, Coventry University.      

Jane Hytch Jane@imagineerproductions.co.uk
Kathi Leahy Creative Director  Kathi@imagineerproductions.co.uk

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