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SBO COV will be a stunning, permanent bicrophonic opera work with sound artist/composer Kaffe Matthews, made with and by the communities of the neighbourhoods the route runs through, the Coventry Canal Towpath.

SBO Cov will be a new musical experience for the city

In Coventry, the City of the Bicycle and of the Engineer, a family of GPS located bicycle instruments will be made that play new music that changes with where the cyclist rides. Sonic bikes giving access to new experiences for anyone now and into the future.

This project is in Research and Development phase and being led currently by Coventry-based Producer Louise Lomas and Producer Bill Gee. The project was conceived with Bill Gee and Berlin based artist Kaffe Matthews, and Coventry based Nick Martin (Imagineer Technologies) in 2015-18, as part of The Festival of Imagineers. The project has received two awards through Great Places which has enabled the development of two Sonic Bikes and started to build a critical mass of community support for the project.

R&D for sonic bikes is currently in progress

Background and context 

SBO COV began development 2015 with The Pedaling Games created with The Bicrophonic Research Institute and artist Kaffe Matthews in partnership with the Coventry Transport Museum. The project was introduced to Imagineer by Bill Gee. The project was inspired by the Cyclopedia created by Imagineer to power Godiva to London for the Olympic Celebrations in 2012, her Homecoming event in 2014, and Coventry as the ‘home’ of the bicycle. During pilot Festival of Imagineers (2015-18), Imagineer commissioned various artworks which celebrated local national and international work at the intersection of art and engineering and technology. The Bicrophonic Research Institute (BRI) has been making and sharing compositions for you to ride from ‘sonic bikes’ for over 12 years and has made 15 international sonic bike operas to date.

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