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Teach-Make: a teacher development project, in partnership with The University of Warwick, The University of Central Lancashire and Highly Sprung.

Teach-Make is a collaboration between Imagineer, local school teachers, Coventry artists and educational researchers. The aim is to support teachers to look at the evidence of why the STEAM approach works, and apply this knowledge to teaching in Coventry schools. It is a world-beating formula.


During Imagineer’s Imagineerium project (2017-20), teachers began to ask how they could transfer  different approach to learning that the project supported into their own schools’ practices. This approach links the arts and STEM subjects – the STEAM approach – which is increasingly popular in the UK and internationally. It seemed a pity to lose the valuable lessons learnt in the last three years, and, thanks to funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Teach-Make was born.


Over two years, from October 2020, despite Covid, teachers will try out new ways of teaching and learning in their schools. They will design new schemes of work that will excite and educate children in Key Stage 2. The schemes of work will be creative and bring together a range of skills found in the arts and STEM subjects. Teachers will position children as responsible for their own learning and will motivate them to want to find out more.

Thanks to the Imagineerium’s researcher, Dr. Jo Trowsdale from Warwick University, we know that the Imagineerium did this for children – and now we want more children to benefit.

The teachers will work closely with artists, and with engineers and other scientists, to develop schemes of work for each school. We work together as a whole group trying things out and seeing how they might work in the classroom, as well as in smaller ‘ensembles’ to plan new ideas.

Coventry has a rich heritage of engineering, innovation and creativity, and we intend that to continue. Teach-Make is one more way in which we can achieve this vision.

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