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Transformations is a project for 16-30 year olds who are not currently in education, employment or training.(NEET)

Young people work at The Daimler Powerhouse on authentic commissions and projects with professional artists and engineers, sound and lighting designers and creative industry specialists developing their production, performance, producing, technical and construction skills and gaining a real insight into all aspects of the creation of outdoor and site- specific work, events and festivals.

Many young people who have completed Transformations have gone on to gain entrance into University, further training, apprenticeships or developed the confidence to pursue other career options and life goals.

Transformations 5 – Venture  – A partnership project with Media Mania (January-July 2018) took the work in a different direction. The aim for this project was to create an outdoor arts structure which would also give the participants potential employment in the future. They imagined a family-friendly performance carousel powered by bicycles with a binaural soundtrack designed for touring to festivals and events. They worked with a range of professional artists, designers, carpenters  and engineers – Phil Eddolls, Nick Martin, John Leahy, Phil Tongue, Brenda Buijs, Dave Mills, and Luke Weaver to make the structure, compose the soundtrack and create the binaural soundscape. Through a second funding grant they then trained alongside professional production staff and crew to learn how to safely tour, construct and run Venture.

Venture piloted at The Shoot Festival, Coventry in April 2019 & Funny Things Festival, Wolverhampton 2019.

Venture is available for booking


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Current Transformations Project: A Partnership project with Media Mania.

Event Management & Production

September 2019 – September 2021

Participants will train in areas of event management including producing, production and health & safety. They will develop their technical skills in areas of lighting and sound alongside their understanding of managing safe and sustainable events. The aim is to equip participants with the skills to produce and safely manage their own events going forward and also provide them with the skills to gain free-lance employment in the creative industries in the future.

Over the two years they will work on three key events:

‘Samhain’ (Sept 19 – November 19) – Site specific Performance Trail through Woodlands.

Six locations , combined arts including aerial, fire, and music. Participants trained in and provided technical support for the performances, cueing and operating lighting, sound, stage management, logistics, risk assessments and stewarding.


‘Culture on the Move’ – St Patricks Day Celebrations across two venues. (Jan ’20 – April ’20)

Working with three schools and 200 community participants  to explore the positive influence migration has had on the Cultural Development of the city. One Day event – including performance, projection, photography, live music, dance and exhibitions. Participants trained to put together and operate P.A. systems, sound desks, and projectors, set up, patch in and test microphones and instruments and correct power systems and power leads. They trained in Health and Safety areas – and were involved in the creation of the event manual including policies, risk assessments and method statements. Participants were then assigned specific roles as crew and technical support for the day to specific areas and venues.

Unfortunately the event was postponed due to Covid 19. We are looking to re-schedule the event for March 2021.

‘FLOW’  –  An event with three elements taking place at Festivals in Ireland, Spain and the UK) which will explore our Oceans Wealth and Our Oceans Protection. Oceans are essential to life on Earth, without them we cannot survive, our future depends on their health.

Pop- Up Immersive Art Installation aimed at engaging communities through creating awareness and understanding of the key issues and provoking debate and conversation. The Installation will tour to different communities in the build up to the Summit.

Creative Youth Summit – imagined and produced by young activists from Coventry, Ireland and Spain this will be both an on-line and real time summit connecting young from their communities with young people across the globe particularly from small island nations, hearing both the challenges faced and the inspiring examples of action and change already taking place. Running for the entire week of the event – workshops / activities / discussions / action groups.

Milesians – Outdoor Arts Performance. Combining art & engineering, live music, aerial and theatre performance and projection interpreting an ancient myth which explores the sea as the great connector. An origin myth shared by Ireland and Spain about the Gaels who set sail from Galicia and become the final race to settle in Ireland having travelled the Earth for hundreds of years.

Transformations training will be leading up to this event training and preparing participants to take on roles for the planning and delivery of ‘Flow’ working alongside an experienced Events production team.

Funding Partners : Talent Match, Ambition Coventry, The Heart of England Foundation, Arts Council England, Coventry University as part of 175 Festival programme, Heritage Lottery Fund, City of Culture 2021.

Bethany Allum, Coordinator and Learning Mentor
Kathi Leahy, Creative Producer

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