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We have had a fantastic year working with 15 young people aged 18-25 on a series of outdoor installations and performances performed in and around Coventry on Saturday July 1st. Many of them have found pathways into future training for careers in the creative sector, develop confidence and skill, worked together in production teams and feel a real sense of pride.

Transformations 4 is now underway and is a collaboration with Media Mania, Imagineer and Wild Earth. This project is for young people who are not in employment education or training  aged 18-25 years and we are happy to engage new people to the project as it develops. For further information please contact Bethany Allum –

Imagineer is currently recruiting for Transformations 5 (December 2017 – March 2018) if you are aged 16-30 and are currently unemployed, not in training or education please contact Beth Allum  for further information

Transformations 4 ‘Into the Woods – Imagineer In Partnership with Media Mania and Wild Earth Funded by Talent Match

Transformations focuses on developing the confidence and self worth of young people and building their employability skills and identifying progression routes through giving them authentic arts commissions to deliver.

T4 took place between August and October this year. This project challenged the young people to work as a team to create and  produce a unique event for Halloween taking place outdoors in a woodland setting. As part of the project they learnt bushcraft and basic survival skills with Wild Earth and sound and music production and sound engineering skills with Media Mania and developed the creative vision and their knowledge on event management, and how to produce safe and sustainable events with Imagineer Productions.

Participants created a new night time site- specific event at Rough Close called ‘Into The Woods’. inspired by The Celtic Festival of Samhain (the origins of Halloween)they took the audience on a night time trail of discovery through the woods stopping at seven locations where they encountered strange and mystical characters, listened to binaural soundscapes and watched and took part in the performances. The journey culminated in a final celebration of Samhain around a huge fire pit.

The project  involved constructing installations/props, devising and creating the scenography and  creating binaural soundscapes. The event involved a professional performers working alongside  the Communitas (Imagineers Community Performers including Theatre Students from Coventry University ) Imagineer’s  Monday Night Maker Group also worked on the project designing and making the costumes for a series of characters called The Dark Fairies.

For further information about the developing Transformations creative programme please contact Kathi Leahy Associate Creative Director Imagineer –