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In this time of uncertainty Imagineer have decided to work towards ‘recovery’. Events planned for summer 2020 have been postponed or cancelled. We have maintained the core staff of the company to focus on the delivery of The Daimler Powerhouse Capital Redevelopment, events for summer 2021 and maintaining an online presence for all projects. We are using this time for planning and thinking and ‘Imagineering’, having this amount of time is rare for people who work in our industry, especially if you are project funded, as we are. We tend move from one project to another with not much thinking time in between.

We can see this as an opportunity to look ahead to creating a new building with a wonderful programme of work as soon as it opens – a real legacy to COC 21. We will also plan ahead for an exciting programme of outdoor work with a series of major projects: Bridge 2021, Milesians, Combustion and a strong programme of learning, education and skills development programmes – Teach Make and Transformations.

Whatever happens we are maintaining a core of creative producers for as long as we can, so that we can respond to whatever happens next – who knows Combustion might be a virtual event in a Second Life World!

We are also shining a generous light on Imagineer and what we do through and exciting programme being led by Orit Azaz, Louise Lomas and Kathi Leahy  

We are inviting an extended ‘family’ of professional collaborators, alongside members of Imagineer core team, to respond to 3 questions in any format. These will form a series of social media posts that we will co-ordinate and curate. The collaborators should, between them, reflect the diversity of disciplines that the company uniquely brings together (artists, engineers, architects, educationalists, activists, performers, producers, others tbc). We hope this growing series will

  1. Help people understand what Imagineer is and does, through a focus on people and their imagine-make-inspire practice
  2. Consolidate and extend professional relationships and networks through sharing on collaborators’ social media
  3. Raise awareness of Imagineer on collaborators’ networks

We are inviting everyone to respond in whatever format they like, video, audio, text:

  • What inspires you creatively?
  • What do you like to make?
  • What do you imagine for the future?

We will not be returning to Temple Workshops until it is safe to do so. We will review the situation at the end of June and hope that we can see a time then where we can resume some face to face activity.

Jane Hytch